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Toe Ductor

The Toe Ductor is an excellent product providing a solution for a common kitchen remodeling issue.  What to do when you need to reroute a heat vent through a cabinet toe kick.  The Toe Ductor is manufactured by Buchanan Construction Corp. Inc. in Wilton, NH.
We developed a new website in WordPress with eCommerce functionality using WooCommerce.
Wilton, NH
The “Toe Ductor” is a patented product designed to route heat vents through a cabinet toe kick.  This under cabinet toe kick ducting kit ties together the boot in the floor and the toe kick register to seal the connection, solving the leakage and creating a channel for the air to flow directly out the toe kick register.  This is the best solution on the market for forced hot air heat vents in cabinet toe kicks or under benches/booths.

ToeKickDuctor was running on one of the hosted shopping cart service for many years that served them well, but it was time for a more robust and flexible eCommerce solution..  The WooCommerce platform will allow a smoother checkout experience, more payment options, and much more flexibility with both the front end and backend of the site.  Dropping the monthly fees was a nice bonus too.  Walnut Hill Design built a new website onto the WordPress/WooCommerce platform.