We have been working with J.R.LIGGETT’S for over 10 years and 3 sites.  In 2020 we launched a new streamlined eCommerce site running on Woocommerce.  The previous site was running on Magento 1, which is reaching the end of life later this year.  It was also a cumbersome system to maintain and work with.   This was resulting in a very static site that hardly changed over the years.  It was time to change that.

We Migrated all order, customers, products, stores and data from Magento over to Woocommerce.  The site was given  a fresh look, that simplifies the user experience making it easier to find products and order them.   The new backend provides a much simpler experience for the staff to manage orders, products and content.  The site has restricted wholesale pricing capabilities.

Cornish, NH
All natural shampoo bars and bath & body products.  Made in NH, Sold Worldwide.

JR LIGGETT’S Website: https://jrliggett.com


  • Migration from Magento to WooCommerce
  • New site development in WooCommerce to include wholesale pricing levels, easy and intuitive navigation and streamlined content, Store locator, promotions & discounts
  • Hosting switch