eCommerce Website Development

Our eCommerce Platforms of Choice are WooCommerce on WordPress or Magento

Running an online store can be a big undertaking.   From setting up and managing the online catalog, to processing the orders we will build your online store in the eCommerce platform that is best for your product structure, while providing an easy to learn administration backend for your store management.   Some eCommerce systems are simple and others rather complex, so we try to use the simplest and easiest for you to manage, providing it is capable of the functionality you require.
The front end of your online store should make it easy for your customers to find and purchase the products and information they are looking for.  It should perform and look modern, trustworthy, and fit the brand of your company and products.  We will design & build you a great looking responsive eCommerce store, while focusing on the end-user experience.

Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento is a very popular Free open-source eCommerce platform that we like to use for sites requiring more advanced features and complexity.  It is a powerful platform right out of the box with a large library of extensions to extend the functionality.    Development, maintenance, and hosting are more involved and at a higher cost, but it is a powerful shopping cart platform capable of more complex configurations, product types, and order processing needs.

WooCommerce has our vote for the best overall shopping cart platform.   Apparently many others feel the same as it the eCommerce platform of choice for around 30% of all online stores.  Running on the WordPress platform, it provides essential eCommerce features and functionality with easy integration with 3rd party services, payment methods, shipping carriers and much more.
Do your own research and explore what WooCommerce has to offer and explore some demos.

Shopping Cart Features

Establishing all the specific features needed and product configurations happens early in the planning stages and plays a key role in selecting a platform and building the site.   This may include product attributes and configurable products, downloadable products, special shipping conditions, payment options, pricing methods, multi-level user pricing (wholesaler/retail customer), 3rd party service integrations, among many other possible elements.

Credit Card Gateways & Processing

There are many reputable options for payment services for your eCommerce site.  You will certainly need a credit card gateway such as or Paypal.

Product Photography

Professional looking product photography can make the difference of a sale or no sale.  We feel strongly about images and photography that will represent your brand and products.  If you already have beautiful product images, excellent.  If not we can work with you on planning product photography with your photographer or we can manage the photography and work with our photographers.

How Much Will an eCommerce Site Cost to Build & Maintain?

There is no easy answer to this question without some details on your specific project, but this may help for budgeting or to determine if an online store even make financial sense for you.  Development costs for ecommerce sites can vary greatly and are largely dependent on the overall size of the catalog, the type of products,  the available materials & photography, amount of project management needed, and the cost for plugins and configuration/customization of the various functionality needed.  There is also the cost for site maintenance, annual licenses, hosting, SSL certificates, payment processing fees, product photography and online marketing.
Ballpark costs to build an eCommerce website.
These very rough estimates account for an average amount of project management, around 250 skus, credit card processing with or paypal, shipping with USPS, UPS, or FedEx, using existing product photography, and based on our past experiences developing in each of the platforms.  We find that the WooCommerce projects tend to go the smoothest, have excellent performance and usability on the both the front end and backend, and are the lowest in maintenance costs & skills compared to other shopping cart platforms.

WooCommerce: $6,500-$10k
Magento CE: $8,500k-$15k
Drupal Commerce: $20k-$25k

Give us a call or send a message and we can discuss cost in more details after learning more about your needs.