Maintenance & Support Plans
For Your WordPress Site

PROACTIVE Website Management.
Don’t Wait for the Problems to Happen!

Peace of Mind Knowing We Are Monitoring Your Website.
 WordPress Updates | Content Updates | Performance & Optimizations | SEO | Review analytics & search data | Design adjustments | Site Assistance & Support

All websites should have regular maintenance and have a professional’s eyes on your site every month has significant advantages.  With a monthly maintenance plan we actively monitor and allocate a time  to spend with your site performing updates, software upgrades, content revisions, SEO auditing, backups, Review traffic and analytics, check for any aesthetic or design issues that need fixing, among whatever else we find as we spend some quality time caring for you website.

Secure Time in Our Work Schedule

Having a recurring maintenance contract with us will ensure you have time allocated in our schedule and spending time on a regular basis with a site is beneficial and far more efficient than dealing with things once or twice a year or waiting for the problems to happen.