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A Solution to a Very Slow WooCommerce Checkout

THE PROBLEM We discovered the last step of the WooCommerce checkout was very slow, taking about 20 seconds to complete.  The orders eventually went through successfully.  The hangup seemed to be on the ?wc-ajax=checkout stage of the checkout. In our case the problem was happening with all sites hosted on InMotion VPS servers.  We tested […]

Best and Fastest Way To Migrate Your Email To a New Host

Switching to a new web hosting company and migrating your sites, databases, email and domain settings can be a daunting task for those that haven’t done a large number of them.   This is one of those areas where experience can make a huge difference in the success of the migration and the time it […]

The likely reason your not receiving emails from your website forms

There is a problem we often see with new websites or after a hosting switch where email notifications from forms are not being received by the site owner.  Assuming there are no error messages appearing,  the first test is to try using an email recipient address that uses a different domain than the website.  If […]