How it’s gone on this long without an uprising is a mystery.
First I’ll say I think Windows 10 is a really great operating system.  Their best yet by far.  I’ve always been a Windows user, though almost switched over Macs on my last upgrade cycle.  There were some

The Problem

Here’s the situation most Windows 10 users should be familiar with by now with likely resulted in yelling obscenities at your computer.
You were working hard on your computer, probably had 10 applications opened, several documents (some saved, some not), stuff scattered everywhere on your desktop…just how you like it.  You come back to the computer later in the day or the next morning only to find that it has done you the great service of automatically rebooting itself an trashing all your work.
Microsoft has at least made some acknowledgement of this annoyance by adding some improved updates with how it handles reboots, but it’s clearly missing the big picture.   It won’t reboot on you anymore if you are at the computer like it used to.  It will now prompt you where you can continue to postpone.
Active Hours:  
Why are we limited to a 12 hour window?  My work day/active hours starts around 8am and ends around 2am.

The Solution
(until Microsoft implements a user friendly setting to never automatically reboot)

We can disable the auto reboot in the task scheduler.  This should solve it for a while, but at some point another major Windows update will reenable it.
Type “Task Scheduler” into your Windows search box.
Open Control Panel
Go to System & Security
Under Administrative Tools click on “Schedule Tasks”
Expand the Task Scheduler Library folders to:

Microsoft -> Windows -> UpdateOrchestrator 

With UpdateOrchestrator Selected,
Click on Reboot from the center column, then click Disable in the right column.  (you can also just right click on Reboot and choose disable)